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Faster Than You'll Ever Live To BeExodus4:25

Текст песни Exodus - Faster Than You'll Ever Live To Be

Rode up on my steed, dirty and mean
My eyes filled with intent to kill
Came in with the dust, a look of disgust
The sting of the whip's burning still
A crowd of young punks, all getting drunk
Think they are fast as can be
But what they don't, my guns will show
I'm faster than they'll ever be
Sweat pouring out of my face
So many years that I've had to wait
Now when you're ready to draw
Sound of my gun, you're gone!
Drifting around
From high plains to town
The trail of death leads to me

The speed of the hand
Is faster than you'll ever live to be
With fire in my eye, I'll make hot lead fly
No one's a match for me
I'll blow your head off and make sure you're dead
Then pillage on your family
The scars on my back bring memories back
Of hell in a younger year
I'll hunt out the best and lay them to rest
I am the west's worst fear!
You run but you're too slow
You're all out of breath and there's nowhere to go
Now when it's your time to die
No one will hear your cry!
(repeat chorus)

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