Extreme - Nice Place to Visit

Текст песни Extreme - Nice Place to Visit

Not really lookin for, for nothing special,

Just someplace that I can call my own,

Im growing tired of, of running wild,

Its time I settled down


There seems to be some lights on,

But aint nobody home

I think I see some lights on,

But there aint nobody home

Aint being choosy, but

Dont want no floozy,

And thats not much to ask


Shes a nice place to visit (3x)

But I wouldnt want to live her,

Nice place to visit

Hey, is anybody home?

Seeing is believing,

But looks can be deceiving,

What you get aint always what you see

I like what s down there,

But no one is upstairs,

I think theres bats in the belfry


I dont know whats come over me,

Im blinded by the scenery,

Nice place to visit,

I dont know what Im gonna do

Im coming back because of you,

Nice place to visit, visit, visit...


This big bad wolf knows

Which way the wind blows,

And which little piggys house is made of brick,

Must have vacated, or mislocated,

Theres just toys, toys in the attic

Chorus (hey, is anybody home? )

Knock, knock, whos there?

Shes a nice place to visit (2x)

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