Extreme - rise n shine

rise n shineExtreme6:23

Текст песни Extreme - rise n shine

Dawn wakes the silence,

Of a fainted lullaby

Day breaks the eyelid,

From a song sung in my eye

Night rests in peace,

As the sun mourns the sky

Alls accounted for sheep,

Over a horizons i

Rise, rise n shine

A new day is coming

Rise, rise in time

For everything under the sun

And when you see,

A south wind blow

Forecasting, you will know,

A hot day, will be on the way

(foolish one)

You analyze,

The earth and the sky

I ask you why,

You cant analyze the signs,

Of the present time

I had a dream,

Not unlike the one from old

Of a man king,

Whose head was made of gold

Stand castles of sand

Weather the sundials rise n fall

Chasing wind through your hands,

til water runs dry the well

Dream, daniel, dream

For whats yet to come

See, daniel, see

For everything under the sun

And in the west,

A cloud appears

For shadows of

A coming shower near,

Oh, so near


You analyze,

The earth and the sky

I ask you why,

You cant analyze the signs,

Of the present time


Yes, all is vanity


Yes, alls futility

For one that dies,

Anothers born

Where laughters heard,

Comforters mourn

Theres a time for


A song for love,

Even abhor

An olive branch,

Or winters war

Theres a time for

Everything, under the sun

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