Faithless - Dirty Ol Man

Текст песни Faithless - Dirty Ol Man

Hes a dirty old man,

And a dirty old man,

Hes a dirty old man and a friend of mine.

Im a dirty old man?

My life is cold,

Ill chill you to the bone,

Heart of stone,

Have a care,

You know my breath stinks,

I leave shit everywhere,

So be aware ?

Dont you dare try appealing to my better nature,

You better wait, youre misinformed,

Aint nothing warm about me,

? concrete clay and steel,

And what else is real?

I mean the actual deal,

People seem to love living under my skin,

Some of them call me london,

Im also known as new york.

Anywhere in the world you find me

I talk the same bad talk,

Walk the same walk from side to side,

Youre transparent to me,

There aint a thing you can hide,

Derive glamour from the stamina it takes to survive.

Now give me your cash and go

Before youre heart brakes,

Youre living under my wing

And all you got Im going to take,

Im a dirty old man.

Hes a dirty old man and a dirty old man,

Hes a dirty old man and a friend of mine.

Im a rough old man beyond heart ache,

To improve my mood I could use an earthquake,

I sit awake for my people to release the pain,

So I can know peace again

In my skin, sin deceit and mistrust soaked in,

I think I might just ?

Often drops of woe, streets flow with tears,

I fall down all around your ears.

If I could, if I was made of wood start a fire, no lie,

cause I wouldnt bet on people changing just yet

My eyes are wet and my heart is full of fear and regret,

I started young, I got teenagers carrying guns.

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