Fiona Apple - After You've Gone

Текст песни Fiona Apple - After You've Gone

Now won't you listen honey while I say,
How could you tell me that you're goin' away
Don't say that we must part
Don't break my aching heart

You know I've loved you truly many years
I loved you night and day
Oh don't you look at me honey, can't you see my tears?
Now listen while I say

After you've gone, and left me crying
After you've gone, there's no denying
You'll feel blue, you'll feel sad
You'll miss the bestest pal you've ever had

There'll come a time, now don't forget it
There'll come a time, when you'll regret it
Some day, when you grow lonely
You heart will break like mine and you'll want me only

After you've gone, after you've gone away

After you've gone, after we break up
After you've gone, you are gonna wake up
And you will find that you were blind
To let somebody come and change your mind

After the years that we've been together
Their joy and tears and all kinds of weather
Someday, blue and downhearted
You'll long to be with me right back where you started
After you've gone, after you've gone away

Oh babe, think what you're doing
You know my love for you will drive me to ruin
After you've gone, after you've gone away

Creamer / Live The Wiltern Theater, LA, Katrina Benefit - 22-09-2005

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