Five - Human


Текст песни Five - Human


Im only human

Of flesh and blood, Im made

Human... born to make mistakes

If 5 boys in da house say it loud

If 5 boys in da house check it out (x2)

Come on baby dry your eyes, wipe all your tears

Never like to see you cry, please forgive me

I wouldnt ever try to hurt you

I just needed someone to hold me

To fill the void while you were gone

To fill this space of emptiness


If 5 boys in da house say it loud

If 5 boys in da house check it out (x2)

When I lay upon my bed reminisce then I wish

That I got you by my side with the cherry red kiss

Hit me off make it soft hold me tight through the night

You know Im gonna fight cos the thing we had was right

But if you go all I know I cant go a day without you

Here in my arms hypnotized with your charms now

Im feeling for you baby aint you hearing the alarms

You cant stop all the love that I got

Wanna rewind time to better days that were hot check it

Bring back the better days for me baby

You gotta bring em back cos Im going crazy

I go insane with your name up in my brain

Things will never be the same you aint up in my frame

So what you gonna do what you gonna say

Tell me that youre gonna push your loving back my way


If 5 boys in da house say it loud

If 5 boys in da house check it out...

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