Fleetwood Mac - Night Watch

Текст песни Fleetwood Mac - Night Watch

Written by bob welch.

Go on, you know youre only one

Set me free

You take me up and turn around

But let me in

Take this shadow from my eyes

And tell me everything

Take the desert from my soul

And lift me up from down below

Let me take some pride in your creation

Cause I have lived alone in castles that were lonely

And I have cursed the dawn and wondered why I do

Well I have wondered why I live

Now I know you must forgive

Let me stand inside your magic shadow

The night is coming faster

And youre feeling all unchained

In the north there is a jungle

Where rockets are aflame

And I hope that in the desert

There are ships and there is noise

And above the greatest city

There will shine a magic shadow

And a voice

Its taking long but Im getting strong as I grow old

Please believe me let the magic reach me and I will unfold

Ill step aboard with you onday

And see my dust just melt away

And then Ill step inside your magic shadow



Magic shadows


Have you seen, have you seen

Have you seen, have you seen

Have you seen, have you seen

Have you seen, have you seen magic shadows

Have you seen, have you seen magic shadows

Have you seen, have you seen magic shadows

Have you seen, have you seen magic shadows...







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