Fool s garden - Lena

LenaFool s garden4:46

Текст песни Fool s garden - Lena

(Hinkel / Freudenthaler)

I just don't know the reason
don't know the reason why
You tell me you are weary
There are clouds in your sky
Put your hands on my temples
Can't you see it in my eyes
Raise your head against the wall
You don't have to disguise yourself


Just another morning
just another day
Another day without you
another lonely day
I feel your breath in my ear
your fingers in my hair
Your sweat, your lips, your voice, your face
though you're not there

Oh Lena ?can't get you out of me
Oh Lena ?can't get you out of me

Ashes on the table
heavy rains they fall
The firmament gets dismal
colours on the wall
Draw me to the rainbow
I'm trying to resist
Cut the ground from under my feet
Tear me out of that midst

Oh Lena

Everywhere I go
everytime I try to sleep
Everything reminds me
I feel the pain so deep
Please tell me anything
and stop the circles move
The pain is growing stronger
because I still love you


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