Foot Fall - Plastic

Текст песни Foot Fall - Plastic

When I look into the eyes of the tough punk guys
With their stupid bondage belts
And the girls accessorize
With lots of little spikes and neat hair dyes
It's a whole subculture easy to commercialize
The Revolution wont come
Cause everybody's dumb
Drunk, fucked up on drugs-look at what it's come to:,
Tiny microcosm of a big stupid world
Short sighted, opinionated, gullible boys and girls!

This music's only rock-n-roll
Wont change the world or save your soul
Uniform Identity?
This trademark rebellion's not for me

Will there ever be a time when time doesn't matter
When a lack of money means your dreams aren't shattered
When chemicals don't take the edge off of life
And confidence keeps you whole inside
Can we ever look forward to not being bored
To not being scared to open closed doors
To love without holding anything back
To trust and share and stay intact?

Give me love don't give me hate
I'll stay aware and not sedate
Addicted to my sleepyhead
When it's time to wake up
I'll stay in bed

You can sell your soul for rock and roll
Turn off your brain
wait to grow old
Get a good job
How much plastic can you buy?
I dunno but here we go
Freedom is the easiest thing to lose
How many options can you choose?
From the choices they've already made for you?

Addicted to a sleepyhead
Some of us will sleep until we're dead
Trade in one uniform to wear another
That smothers you but never keeps you covered
Freedom is the easiest thing to lose
How many options can you choose?
From the choices they've already made for you?

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