Foot Fall - Play It By Ear

Текст песни Foot Fall - Play It By Ear

When what I'm building for tomorrow comes crashing down today
and what I put my effort into falls apart anyway
when the seed I planted dies and my roots have washed away
and I've got nothing to say when there's nothing left for me
and everything is in my way will I be broken like a chain
with a weak link will I speak out and let the people
who hurt me know what I think? it's kinda hard to be what I wanna be
but I'm trying real hard cause I wanna believe

and I can't help it if you don't wanna understand
so I'll play it by ear and do the best I can
when everything that I've been taught has been proven wrong
and the debts that I've acquired have gone unpaid for way too long
when I cause painful division because of my stupid pride
when the love I give to someone gets taken for granted and brushed aside...

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