Gabrielle - 5 Oclock

Текст песни Gabrielle - 5 Oclock

Its five oclock in the morning,

And I cannot sleep

Im looking at you beside me, and Im watching you breathe


I touch your face

Feel your warmth youre now a part of me

I dont know what I would do if you were ever to leave

I want you to be, practically given your heart away to me baby

I made a promise to you that Ill be keeping it safe, I never give it away,

No, no, no, no,

(chorus: you should know, I never plan to let you go

You should care I made my promise to be here)

Made for each other thats what our friends all keep on saying

I got a feeling theyre right but I just dont wanna say no I dont wanna tempt fate

My friend my lover theres nothing I cant ask of you

Youre always there for me whenever Im needy of you

Youre always true baby, baby


My mind goes back to a time that wasnt long ago

Your confirmation of love for me you captured my soul, would made me feel whole

What we got is good we gotta keep a hold on it

Our obligation to love is something we know exists, were two parts that fit


I know Im saying this when you already understand, loves never easy between a woman and a man

Some things in life will never come to you so easily

I want your kind of love and not from someone grieving, no, no, no


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