George Harrison - Soft-hearted Hana

Текст песни George Harrison - Soft-hearted Hana

I ate it and at once my eyes could see you
No sooner had i ooped it down
I felt so far off from the ground i stood on.

My legs they seemed to me like high-rise buildings
My head was high up in the sky
My skin the sun began to fry like bacon.

And then somebody old appeared and asked had i come far . . .
And hadn't they just seen me up on haleakala . . .
I kept on body surfing to pretend i hadn't heard
There was someone there beside me, swimming like richard iii
And i'm still smiling

Seven naked native girls swam seven sacred pools . . .

Lone-ranger smoking doobies said you're breaking all the rules . . .
You'd better get your clothes on or else there'll be a row . . .
If it wasn't for my sunstroke i would take you on right now . . .
And i'm still smiling.

I fell in love with my soft-hearted hana
She entered right in through my heart
And now although we're miles apart
I still feel her.

She lives beneath the crater in the meadow
She moves among the fruit and grain
You can meet her after heavy rain has fallen.

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