Geri Halliwell - Feels Like Sex

Текст песни Geri Halliwell - Feels Like Sex

Have you ever felt too hot to go to bed
Touched yourself instead and watched your body talk
Just let your body talk
Have you ever felt just too hungry for love
The more you get you find that it's just not enough
But you really can't give it up

All you people out there
Put your hands up in the air
Are you feeling you know what
Or do you really care

If it feels like love
Then give it baby that's a rush
If it feels like pain, pain, pain, pain
It's really just the same
If the mood is rude
Then you got the right attitude
And ya better get down, you don't have to get undressed

Just because if feels like sex

Have you ever had a mind too dirty to read
Kinkyfreaks why don't you get down on your knees
I'm getting hard to please
Have you ever whipped love and left it to cry
Ask yourself the question
Does the cherry pie leave you satisfied

Turn out the light, so I can feel what your thinking
Do you think we'd get it passed the watershed
Let's take it slow, cos you know
I know you know, sex is in your head

Baby I want you to know
You're not the only one
I'm on my way to sexual healing
Do you wanna come?

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