Ginuwine - Hello

Текст песни Ginuwine - Hello

Chorus: 2x
I'm all alone
Baby, pick up the phone
And call a brother sometime
to see what's on my mind

Hello my love
Yo its me again, I can't figure out where the hell you been
Can you feel me in on just where we stand,
I thought I was nig, I thought I was your man
You used to share the things, things that lovers do
Can't lose your love, Girl, I'm telling you,
All my life its been such a hectic race
Wanna settle down , you, I cannot replace

Chorus 2x

Sitting, thinking here, bout the times we shared
Now I 'm feeling down, cause your never there
Calling constantly, blowing up your phone

wondering if your ever coming home
I can't think about nothing else but you,
so theres nothing there, I can't believe where through
All this time, I thought we would never part,
when we were in love, darling you had my heart

(speaking) Hello, yea, baby pick up the phone, I know you hear me.
baby, I'm sorry, I didn't mean
what I did, Know what I
mean? I know ya listening to me, baby, just pick up the phone. Be real
about, know what i mean?
ha, ha, all you going play me
like dat? I can't believe you going out like dat. You real ill, Know
what I mean? Dats alright doe, I'm
a keep callin

Chorus 3x

See whats on my mind, See whats on my mind

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