Ginuwine - I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry

Текст песни Ginuwine - I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry

Baby I got many problems (problems)
But my momma won't help me solve them (solve them)
So I come to you (you, you)
But your ass don't wanna be bothered
So I come around trying to be down
But your acting like a silly clown
Asking me for $50 (dollars)
Saying to myself I'll be damned! (I'll be damned)
Why you trying to give me such a
Very very hard time
When I spend the money on you
I can't get a little Bump 'n Grind
It must be another man (man)
Holding your hand (hand)
Please tell me baby (baby)
I will understand (stand)

I'm tryin to go on without you here in my life
I don't wanna accept the fact that you're no longer mine
Just to know that somebody else is holding and kissing you
It makes a guy like me feel like I'm a fool

1 - I'll do Anything
Anything you want
Yes my word is bond
Baby I was wrong

Please forgive me
For what I've done
I'm sorry

Repeat 1

I'm trying to keep on with these emotion everyday (day)
I realize it's too late now you're gone away
Is there something that I can do to reassure
That I won't hurt you like this anymore

Repeat 1 (2x)

2 - I'll do anything
That's my word, it's bond
Please forgive me
I'm sorry

Repeat 1

Repeat 1 & 2 together

3 - Whatcha think, whatcha say, whatcha want now
Alright, alright, alright, now

Repeat 3 till end

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