Ginuwine - I'm In Love

Текст песни Ginuwine - I'm In Love

[Verse 1]
As the day goes by i'm always thinkin of your face
Your hair your eyes your sweet lips and the way they taste
You got me goin on high that i have never felt
A beautiful thing (not like the same thing)
Let's think we've got it so amazing what i love the most
Is how we can talk and how we laugh and the fact we're so close
It's no illusion but it's magic no tricks and both
With you i got it all

I'm in love i'm in love
Do you hear me
Was so scared not prepared
But it just hit me
Glad it's us now i'm good
I'm so in love
I'm in love i'm in love
And it's a good thing
Many miss out on things
Real lover's bring
Glad it's us now i'm good
I'm so in love

[Verse 2]
In my mind i'm in a world alone just you and i

Your my eve and im your adam so let's start new lives
Cuz the way you make me feel it's like a new begining girl
In all different ways (so many different ways)
You have been for with me for my past and the mistakes i've made
You was still strong and had my back now the foundations laid
And i wanna spend the rest of my life just fulfilling you
With everything you want everything you need


It's one of thoses things and
It's real hard to explain but
It's real and fills your heart
And hearts just dont lie no
You will know real love
Cuz nonthin feels like it and
It touches things inside
It's a real experience

Ooh ooh ohh ohh
Ooh ohh

[Chorus fade out]

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