Gorillaz - Stop the Dams

Stop the DamsGorillaz5:38

Текст песни Gorillaz - Stop the Dams

When you're smoking tinfoil in the morning
It's gonna be a cold day
When you're keeping everything inside you
It can only hurt you

Unrelated sounds
The sun will shine again
You hold it in your hands

This young land is a young land let it stay that way
Its pollution only turns you into something you don't want to see in the water
A reflection of them that you receive

You don't own the sun
And the sun won't shine again
So maybe you're all in love
With Aluminium

The cling and a clang
Is the metal in my head when I walk
I hear a sort of, this tinging noise
Cling clang
The cling clang

So many things happen while walking
The metal in my head clangs and clings as I walk
Freaks my balance out
So the natural thought
Is just clogged up
Totally clogged up
So we need to unplug these dams
And make the the natural flow
It sort of freaks me out
We need to unplug the dams
You cannot stop the natural flow of thought
With a cling and a clang

And wake me up again until
We're Aluminium
You hold it in your hands
The sun will shine again
The sun will shine again
The sun will shine again
The sun will shine again
The sun will shine again
The sun will shine again

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