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Текст песни Grace Jones - The Crossing (Oohh The Action...)

Paul Morley: "What did you want to be when you were seventeen?"
Grace Jones: "Not bored."
Paul Morley: "And what was the first thing you did to alter that situation of being bored?"
Grace Jones: "I floated on a cloud."
Paul Morley: "Like we all do I suppose?"
Grace Jones: "Not all of us."
Paul Morley: "And then what happened?"
Grace Jones: "The lucky ones."
Paul Morley: "And then what happened? You fell off the cloud?"
Grace Jones: "I don’t think I ever came down from that cloud. It was wonderful."

Oh the action

Miss Grace Jones

Jean-Paul Goude: "There was nothing that indicated that Grace could be a star except her deep conviction."

Miss Grace Jones

Grace Jones: "I think that too much vanity in a man irritates me, and in a woman, oh God..."

Miss Grace Jones

Paul Morley: "What things make you blush?"
Grace Jones: "Being adored and worshipped, one of the things that makes me blush."

Miss Grace Jones

Jean-Paul Goude: "Grace really has this thing in the back of her head. She really lets herself carry and when it feels good she just fits into things. She doesn’t analyze too much."

Miss Grace Jones

"I first met Grace at the Russian Tea Room in New York. That was about 1978. She was like the disco queen of that period."

Miss Grace Jones

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