h Parallel - Three Times Denied

Текст песни h Parallel - Three Times Denied

Breaking bread, pouring wine, Speaking mysteries to stretch my mind I failed to follow the meaning Of 'flesh in the bread' that I swallowed Dipping bread in a dish calling out a traitor I'm hoping you'll explain this sooner or later I'm dizzy with confusion In the midst of a dream awaiting conclusion Chorus Three times denies Though I was strong but it seems I was wrong Now I see, since now I've three times denied your name I'm stained with shame This wretchedness becomes my fame Your accusation plagues my mind Your prophecy leaves me horrified Denied you never would be, Of all of us it would never be me To break your heart and make you moan Forsake your name leave you alone With the sting of a cowards lie The signed decree that declares you die Chorus Nightmares run through my brain Cold sweat covers me like a sickening stain In this place between asleep and awake I shake from the cold and the fear of heartbreak And in the glow of the fire I turn into a liar To scared to say 'I know' Like a sheperdless sheep I run and I weep As I hear the cock crow Chorus You said three times My son do you love me And I said three times 'You know that I do'

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