Hanson - Can't Stop

Can't StopHanson4:24

Текст песни Hanson - Can't Stop

(tuning radio)

Can't stop thinking about you(x2)

Morning, day or night

I tremble at your sight

It's impossible to fight

I've tried

Now you're in my head

And your mind I've read

Gonna stop the words you said

Now I


Can't stop thinking about you

I can't get you off my mind.

Can't stop thinking about you

I'm thinking about you all the time(x2)

Tell me, I've thought it through

And all along you knew

I just want you to be mine

Nothing I can do

I'm all wrapped up with you

Even if I wanted to

I'm out of time


I want to know

Say why is it so

I can't stop thinking?

(Can't stop thinking about you)



tic toc tic toc

Where's the clock?

Not a second passes

I can't stop, said(x4)

Can't stop, can't stop

I can't stop it(x4)

Take me to a place

Where I can only see your face

I've really lost my way

This time.

Tell me what it means

I'm bursting at the seams

You're in my thoughts, my dreams

Yeah, I...


I want to know,

tell me why is it so

I can't stop thinking?

(can't stop thinking about you)

Woa, why?(x4)

Can't stop it





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