House Of Pain - Word is Bond (Remix)

Текст песни House Of Pain - Word is Bond (Remix)

Here's the best sound in creation
On the strength word is bond (Repeat 4x)

Check it, word is bond, I'm out for number one
Hit tricks with sticks and carry on like I'm ???
Coming straight from New York, where bitch niggas talk
And end up sketch outlined in chalk
Maintain and play games with the bitches
Stay away from Pritchett, and beat down the snitches
In a bind I can go for mine
Don't run with no niggas that smile all the time
I keep it real and keep the steel on my hip
In case a jealous envious snake wants to flip
And take a trip, the melodrama you can skip
Hit a twenty-dollar stick and I still won't slip
Never had a fat lip, don't ego trip
If there's a line at the flicks, then I just skip
It's like this and a, it's like that and a
I'm more determined than a nigga on cracks and a
Uh, so keep it rolling, it's the mic I'm controlling
With the House of Pain, maintain like a shit stain
Like water on your brain, the beat is redundant
I got em stocked in abundance
I got the diction and conviction
When the session is over, I take the tapes like Nixon
And get away like Steve McQueen
Pull a hat trick, and that's word to St. Patrick
Yeah, so get on down to the Double D sound
Next time on the rebound, cause ya

Here's the best sound in creation

On the strength word is bond (Repeat 4x)

My word is bond like James is to 007
Let Doug E Fresh take you all the way to heaven
Cause I'm a walk through the depths of hell
And reminice on careers of MC's that fell
Then spark an L, while you're standing on the corner
While your thumb's up your ass like your name was Jack Horner
I'm running up on ya, make sure you hide
Cause I lost my mind the last time I fried
The L 25 keeps the party live
Even though I'm hell-bent and still heaven sent
Like the Diamond D, and the Diggin in the Crates
Are psychotic and neurotic like Norman Bates
Making fat dub plates on the reg
Play me too close, kid, I'll bust that egg
You know I'm not kidding, I never told a fib
I did a four-month bid inside my crib
My weapons are concealed, they're stainless steel
And you'd better start running if they get revealed
Cause caps get peeled, and bodies get caught like
Cops are on the take and judges get bought
It's like this and a, it's like that and a
I go deep undercover like Denz'
Put on a bandana, or a skully
Start acting hard and get smokes like a wooly, when ya

Here's the best sound in creation
On the strength word is bond (Repeat 4x)

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