Human league - sky

Текст песни Human league - sky

And after such a blazing day
At last the breeze began to play
I drained my glass and turned to see
Her face she smiled she spoke to me
I told her my name I asked her the same
She said they call me sky
Said she is in danger maybe a stranger
Might know a place near by
And she talked and she smoked little more than a job
All the cares of my life went away on that day
In that room coming out of the gloom
And the gift that she gave follow me to the grave from on
Life goes on
Now you gone
Life goes on after sky X2
So much can change without a sign
A twist of faight 2 worlds aligh
The words get spoken all worlds were broken
The wind began to sign

The heat of daybreak the precious keepsake
Too soon the last goodbye
And the death in her eyes come enraged of the skies
For the day of my birth was the last day on earth
Like a boat in the night gets a moment of light
I could see what I've done what must be from now on
Life goes on
Now you're gone
Life goes on after sky X2

Ahhh sky
Ahhh sky

Life goes on
Now you're gone
Life goes on after sky X2


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