Human league - The Touchables

Текст песни Human league - The Touchables

Speaking of which, what is your choice?
Your conversation will suffice
I feel the need - that's known to all
Better use it up before the levels fall
You can take me back to the primal drive
You can carry on until we arrive
Hypnotised inside
Now I'm not young and you're not old
I'd rather purchase than be sold
Crazed friends so bold
Chorus :
It's not easy to conceal
When you're so touchable
People will hide indifference
Just to be touchable
They still emit split second screams
When they are touchable
Under the surface just for kicks
Sincerely touchable
You say it's OK, but what do I feel?

Guilt, compassion, or Achilles Heel?
Little feet march down grey matter hill
Then panic occurs, no seeds to spill
What's the matter now
Please look up and speak
Your spirit's wilting and your flesh is weak
Eight days a week
I can't imagine what'll happen now
I wonder when and I wonder how
The end will come
It's not easy to conceal
When you're so touchable
People will hide indifference
Just to be touchable
The final answer to all our fears
Abrupt conclusion to all our years
Still touchable but no one hears
They carry on hypnotised inside

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