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Ah yes, well I myself Larry Oliviae Im a method actor, and I studied at the prestegious school of Julliard, and you know, I feel as if you know, the rappers,and the musicians, and what not, get into acting, you know, you know, it's disrespecting the craft I feel as if you know, they're taking jobs from us trained actors and I feel as if they should just leave it to the pros.

Man shut yo ass up, you tellin' me if you made a song and it was jammin' we ain't 'posed ta' listen' to it? Man, these boys got opportunity man, let them do they thing and why you talkin' like that? ain't you from Bankhead???
Anyway, I herd that that Idlewild shit gonna be fyi I'mma be there on Friday and where yo pussy ass gonna be nigga? tryna get some work think you Denzel or somebody. (ha ha).

Did I just hear yall say that new Outkast movie come out Friday???

Yea shawty

Helllll yeah Im gone be there, and who this fuck nigga is??? anyway who he supposed ta be???

Idunno??? I don't kno dat nigga...

See that's how niggas get jumped on, he better watch his mouth, talkin' 'bout actin' he need ta' act like he got some sense up in this bitch.

Hell yeah... ay, you gonna buy me popcorn???

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