Idlewild - Peaches

Текст песни Idlewild - Peaches

Chorus: stages in life no sed it woz right but I've got 2 hustle for the kids god only knows where I've gone and been till we reach the end just stay strong and be a friend

i came 2 understand why a women and a men make plans intermansion when it takes so many hands put that brain on the finger couple of kids that mini dance standin in the stands like a fan watchin lil man run ow and every time you see the family the look happy got a momma and a daddy and the baby got a lil darkerbut then he had a cat on the side he hide from hiz ride and sat 2 divide kept the yim and the hide the spouse and the house boy cheaper 2 keep fuck around and take a loss come up short lyk short dog curse words flow lykfuck,shit,goddam ,asshole,took my shit(bitch echoes)fuck!!


it woz the night they 1st dipped and all though out the palace they didnt do us part hurt vocal no more malice when it happens get slappin ya self rememberin u couldnt remain boy freind and girl friend now u sittin in the cold house sayin 2 defend it,
pleaden2 the judge u woz init 2 win it
in the beginning she woz grinnin 2 spinninall of her time in the kitchen she would cook

she woz ferch on the stove it woz all ways great covered plates in the microwave when i came home late but now we just debate like some canidates dam i hate friction wishin i had paper work on the misses but i didnt dam fuckin around


now u have 2 remember i gotta prove for the family in forture so please get down and stay around coz u know that im tryna change but its coz iv bin this way way
man u already know that shit


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