INXS - Taste It

Taste ItINXS3:21

Текст песни INXS - Taste It

Yes it's me
I am the one
To make you see
Where we belong
I was shaking
Like a leaf
All wrapped up
In my dirty sheets
If I agree
To what comes next
I would be faking
With the best of them
It seems a crime
I would commit
Without the difference
Of all the world's gifts

Sweet sweet sweet
Could you taste it

Never never never
Never never never
Taste it

To dream
All the time
Without a scream
In the dead of night
All those faces
Come back to me
I'll be begging
To swim that sea

Yes I made
A picture story
Make you cry
In all your glory
A need to quench
The thirst of many
To justify
And make ready

Sweet sweet sweet
Could you taste it

This realization
Owes us strength to show
If you're uncertain
You're invited to believe
These are the words I speak
These are the words I speak

A dislocation
]From where we once came from
Give sons and daughters
Because we want to go on

These are the words she speaks
These are the words she speaks

Sweet sweet sweet
Could you taste it

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