Ja Rule - Believe

BelieveJa Rule2:57

Текст песни Ja Rule - Believe

It was supposed to be you and I and the curtains closed
But somewhere along the lines we switched episodes
It's kinda like when Gina left Martin for New York
Speaking of New York, the city is so lost
Even with the Knicks looking to make the playoffs
Spike is back on the court, and Jeter's still with the Bronx
Bloomberg got the city ready for seance
Go get your ouija boards out, niggas, and pray on
You want drama? Get your fucking? on
Still got the world on my shoulders, a nigga headstrong
About to go in, you can lock my body
Contract my mind, my thoughts keep escaping
Power of the pen, a work of art like Basquiat
I? 'cept I paint my pictures lyrically, you fancy, huh
Bitch foamin like a Swiss B
And we ain't talkin hoes, we talkin Euros and raw weed
Who do you believe in?
Is it money or the man upstairs?
Is it power or prayer?
God bless the dead and fuck the world fast
What's progression if you never been through backlash?
Nigga, what do you believe in?
Cause my money's on me, myself, and I, my team, and this music
Y'all ain't gon' believe this
Maybe it's my fault, or maybe y'all just making excuses
Who do you believe in?
Motherfucker the money is talking to me and tellin me that it's lonely
In need of new friends, preferably Grants and Franklins

And the singles and the fives went to the bitches

Dubs is for wifing in the club, no mention
But you know who you are, nigga stop flinching
Stop cuffing; you may not think that it's a bitch
But life's a ho and everybody's been fucking
See, that's what I believe in
With no logic, no need for experience
To fuck the world would be a lifetime achievement
You make it cum then e'rybody jump on the dick
Y'all niggas full of shit, that's why you fuckin assholes
And never smell the shit stinking 'til you get shitted on
Fuck 'em all, not for nothing
I ain't always on time, too much ice in the vodka mo'fucker
Who do you believe in? Cause even the smartest
Of niggas got the gall and the balls to believe this
Rule back, renaissance nigga, that's the project
Up next, the pill, deuces, gon' swallow that
Matter of fact, swallow dick, bitch, get your fix on
Gased up niggas go and get it, gon' get it
Next on, the next episode, new time, new cats
News flash: nobody's exempt from the backlash
Backstabbing, bootlicking me, kissing ass
Niggas still stick to the system, God bless 'em
Cause power brings power, money making more money
Love will make you not love again, but constantly want it
Warning: feelings erupt when they're left dormant
It's what y'all witnessing, it's what I believe in
Like new money, new cars, new bitches
Life is a game of inches, believe this

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