Ja Rule - The Pledge (Remix)

Текст песни Ja Rule - The Pledge (Remix)

Ashanti: There's no me

Nas: In the beginning it was me...Nas - Blasting

Nas: I stood alone...but now - Blasting

Ashanti: Don't you know that I will never leave

Nas: Murder Inc. Y'all

Ja Rule: Its Murdah - Niggaz

Nas: It's over now - get on that right

Nas: Irv Gotti - Ill Will Baby

Ashanti: It's murdah....for life

Nas: It's murdah


My enemies want sorta the same respect I was born with

Godson, tatted on my chest its permanent

The rap Albert Anastasia

You cowards y'all wanted the crown from the black power man of asia

Snap out your dreams and prayers and takin a kings paper

Ask another rapper how it feels to lose his whole gangsta

(How it feel?) Youse a no namesta - ya little mans is no threat

You make me upset I might stank ya (blastin)

Inc is the Murder Ill Will merger let my cash

Make sex with your cash it can't hurt us

Phones ringing off the hook

Pushing, Bloomberg calling me constant

Streets wanna know the cause of that gossip

Nas is lord of the projects till the coffins drop

in the oceans like a Amistad, slave overboating em

It's a new day ya should be scared I'm back with Stoute

South side, queensbridge the hoods in here

[Ashanti - Chorus]

There's no me, without you (Theres no me y'all)

I can't be with no child (I.N.C. - Ill will y'all)

Know that I can never leave, leave you (It's no me y'all)

All I need, need is you

There's no me (Ya - you talk to these niggaz gotti)

[Irv Gotti]

I'm Blastin'

I'm Blastin'

[Ja Rule]

(What up Suge) And lord knows I DIIIIEEEE

Pledge allegience to homicide

And murdah be the case when I kill 'em whhhyyyy

When you get a nigga like me started

I'm regarded the hardest working artist since Pac - NIGGAAZZZ

And I ain't talkin if I'm like or better

I'm talkin if he was here we'd probably ride together

On this chick ass nigga with curls bitch dog

Get at me dog - Rule nigga the boss

You've always been a punk now ain't it a pity

That you running to IG, dying to be me

But I pledge I.N.C. and for the love

I'll bleed it in blood and die from hot slugs - motherfuckers



Murdah I.N.C. - You know that I can't see myself

With or without you, breathing without you, baby

What you done to me, you know that I can't see myself

With or without you, breathing without you, baby




Ja Rule: Its Murdah!!!!

Ashanti: For life

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