Jamiroquai - high times

high timesJamiroquai5:58

Текст песни Jamiroquai - high times

You don't need your
name in bright lights
You're a rock star
And some tin foil
with a glass pipe
Is your guitar-now yes it is
Little Angela
Suffers delusions
From these high times
She's been cleaning up,
since she was fourteen
On the main line
And her hunky funky junky,
of a boyfriend
Got her on late nights,
with her skirt tight
Woah, shes a wild thing
Letting it all swing
God bless our high times
Don't you know that last night
Turned to daylight
And a minute, became a day
Last night (last night)
All my troubles
Well they seemed so, so far away
Searching my reflection
For a glimpse of, another me
I've got to get away from
all these high high times
'Cause these high times
are killing me
Now high times go on
and on and on
High times rock your mind yeah
This twisted crystal Kingdom
Where you live your nine lives
And your head spins
With purple cyclones

Made of dexadrine
And when the phone rings
You think bad things
Well these are high high
high high times yeah
In any back street
When you take a hot seat
Make sure check your flight times
Oh now mama
Now drop it this time
Paranoia will destroy ya
Paranoia will destroy ya
Paranoia will destroy ya
La la la la la
High times (oh yeah)
We're living in high
high times yeah
Last night (last night)
Turned to daylight
And a moment
Half a world away
Time can be so precious
When you throw
your life away
I can't help living this way
Knowing my life has gone
Kids wanna give it up
Kids wanna give it up
Time to let your mind be free
Searching for eternity (x3)
Kids wanna five it up
Kids wanna give it up, yeah,

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