Jamiroquai - Loveblind


Текст песни Jamiroquai - Loveblind

Love blind, if your on my mind
Even when i'm walking the dog
I'm carefree, like this melody
Hope this doesn't take us too long
Babe, you turn me on, your like a fire in me every night
I need the drug you got to give
Keep it like this cause it's positive
Can i leave you alone
Step in my car and let me take you home
It's not about a dollar to make you think
Now we did it once, can we do it again

Baby you got me hanging out the street lights
You've got me singing with the bluebirds
And the sky above, i think i'm in love

Stay till the itch will last
You got the shake and i got the fries
Outback loving like a disco bitch

Gotta think now, i'm in the wilderness
You made my love mad
And i can't get you off my mind
Momma said stay because that kick
Turn out the lights and i don't know what to do

Vocalizer voice:
Baby rock the floor, you got to rock the floor tonight

Repeat chorus

You got me dancing on the ceiling
You've got me thinking that the whole world
It revolves you, so what can i do
You got me hanging out the street lights
You've got me climbing up the wall
Everything you do reminds me of the old times
Oh baby, you make me so love blind
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