Jamiroquai - mr moon

mr moonJamiroquai5:29

Текст песни Jamiroquai - mr moon

Have you gone astray or lost your way?
you should have seen me yesterday
Well I knew this kind of love was written in the stars
It's only once or twice that you're in line with Mr. Moon
Then it was you, you took me on your cloud,
gave me flowers for my pain but with some degree of certainty
My destiny seemed to slip away from me before I got to know your name
Just give me a chance I'll do what you want me to
Everybody wants to dance so how come I can't dance with you?
You really turn me on, you're the one that makes me smile
It's Mr. Moon who plays the tune, Mr. Moon who knows

and if it's Mr. Moon who gives the sign that's the sign that goes
I never know what to do, till I'm there with you
Did you lose your mind for a day you don't remember anyway
like the waters of a dream encapsulate my mind
A place I haven't seen sits at the end of space and time
so lost in time that I think I'm blind to perchance upon this circumstance
is something of a miracle it's verging
on the phisical searching
for a love I cannot find

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