Jamiroquai - Slippin N Slidin

Текст песни Jamiroquai - Slippin N Slidin

Written by jay kay and toby smith

Thanks to "the crow"

Im slidin in the wall

Trying to get a grip on what I can

With the world beneath me crumble

Yes it is, see I though I had it all

Now I find Im two feet small

And I never fail to stumble, no I dont

You keep thinkin youll live forever

Dance till ya drop and the music dont stop

But you know you wanna be cool yeh

Slidin down the wall

Dont do me at all, no it dont do me at all

Well I could be so small

We got all the funky music to make you happy, ooh yeh

We got all the time the world has got to give,oh hey we wanna live

Now slidin


I hangin on a string tryin to get a chance to do my thing

But the space is gettin higher, higher

Now my woman has gone away

So she cant call my love again

Hey well I guess Im not as cool as I used to be

Oh everybody wants to take your space

Some people wanna take your place

But then all these problems come to triumph

I guess this is why they call it crunch cause my head my hips are still out

To lunch

Oh when Im slidin in the wall

We got all the funky music to make you happy, ooh yeh

We got all the time the world has got to give,oh hey we wanna live

If you finally find slippin so splendid, oh yeh yeh

Oh is thats what it suppose to be tonight? but you wont stay high

Dont you know Im slidin

Slidin down the walls (x2)

Everybody wants to slide yehhey

Hey nobody wants to slide yeh

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