Jamiroquai - Tullulah

Текст песни Jamiroquai - Tullulah

She's gone away
Flying out on a jet plane
Told me, she won't be back again
And Talullah, Talullah is her name

Well, I got this thing, girl
I wanted to say to you
Talullah, I'm still missing you
Baby, can't you stop that plane
Turn it around, I still love you, babe
Tell the captain I'm to blame, I'm to blame

There's ink stained with tears
All these letters from my heavy heart
This is what I always feared
That these sparks would fly and we would break apart


You Gotta stop that plane
Turn it around, turn it around
You've gotta stop,
You've gotta stop it now and turn it around

You're my magic star
Don't you fly too far from me
From me, from me, can't you see

There's a hole in my soul
And I'm loosing control

And it's not to late for you to be my magic star
Come and see me baby

So solitaire (now I'm so solitaire)
I think of your midnight hair
And it's still the same
'Cause your on my brain
You gotta stop that plane come and see me baby

She's gone away
Flying out on a jet plane
Told me, she won't be back again
And Talullah is her name

I curl up tight
So alone, I can't sleep at night
Return to sender, that's me tonight

I really think I'm lost in space
I shut my eyes I still see your face
Reach out touchin' your soft embrace

You've gotta Stop that plane

Now there's a hole in my soul
And I'm losing control
I know you're my magic star
But you've gone away and flown too far this time
Talullah, Talullah, Talullah la la la

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