Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (Acapella)

Текст песни Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (Acapella)

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Альбом: unknown
Добавил: Gleb
Дата: 2006-04-26
Тип: текст песни
Просмотров сегодня: 1, с понедельника: 9.
Слова Песни Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity текст песни

Oh yeah, what we're living in (let me tell ya)
It's a wonder man can eat at all
When things are big that should be small
Who can tell what magic spells we'll be doing for us
And I'm giving all my love to this world
Only to be told
I can't see
I can't breath
No more will we be
And nothing's going to change the way we live
Cos' we can always take but never give
And now that things are changing for the worse
See, it's a crazy world we're living in
And I just can't see that half of us immersed in sin
Is all we have to give these


Futures made of virtual insanity
now Always seem to, be
govern'd by this love we have
For useless, twisting, our new
technology Oh, now there is no
sound - for we all live underground

And I'm thinking what a mess we're in
Hard to know where to begin
If I could slip the sickly ties
that earthly man has made
And now every mother, can choose the colour
Of her child

That's not natures way
Well that's what they said yesterday
There's nothing left to do but pray
I think it's time I found a new religion
Woah - it's so insane
To synthesize another strain
There's something in these
Future's that we have to be told

(Repeat Chorus)

Now there is no sound
If we all live underground
And now it's virtual insanity
Forget your virtual reality
Oh, there's nothing so bad,
I know yeah

Of this virtual insanity, we're livin' in,
Has got to change, yeah
Things, will never be the same,
And I can't go on
While we're livin' in oh,
oh virtual insanity
Oh, this world, has got to change
Cos I just, I just can't keep
going on, it was virtual,
Virtual insanity that we're livin' in,
that we're livin' in
That virtual insanity is what it is

(Repeat Chorus)

Living - Virtual Insanity
Living - Virtual Insanity
Living - Virtual Insanity
Living - Virtual Insanity

Virtual insanity is what we're living in

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