Janet Jackson - New Agenda

Текст песни Janet Jackson - New Agenda

It ain't nothin' but an us thing

And it's time for us to step it up and respect

That level of sisterhood that's been holdin' up our neighborhood

And if it wasn't for our mothers there would be no brothers

And if it wasn't for our sisters there would be no misters

So it ain't nothing but an us thing

She's strong and that's a fact

Not it's time for us to take up the slack

Step it up, step it up time to go to work

History hidden from me

To hide my identity

So I'd never feel

I am somebody

You've gouged my eyes

I see more clearly

You've tried to rub me of my humanity

My spirit you tried to break

My soul you tried to take

There's no need to be afraid

Cause I won't do unto you now



All that we've been through

Our time has come to rejoice

A new agenda's due


It's time to know the truth

Our time has come to rejoice

A new agenda's due

Because of my gender

I've heard no too many times

Because of my race

I've heard no to many times

But with every no I grow in strength

That is why

African American women

I stand tall with pride

You want to know what it takes

To rid yourself of me now

There's nothing you can do

Accept me for who I am now

Repeat Chorus

Time to step it up, step it up

Better check yourself

I got vexed to protect what we got

Left her alone

Lookin' for your own

Here it is I know what I'm sayin'

But the Klan ain't playin' at the range

Gotta step it up us to a discuss a must

It ain't nothin' but an us thing

Rewind back to the time

Where the color of our mother

Had 'em call it a crime

Brother what in the world?

And the world says where in the black man

Support the women and the children

Time to step it up, step it up, it's play off time

And the rhyme go to check, so check yourself

Repeat Chorus

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