Jewel - boy needs a bike

Текст песни Jewel - boy needs a bike

Pop works in the shop til eight

Moms on the phone and shes kind of irate

Sallys doing sommersaults on the lawn

Pop slams open the front screen door

Just to scare mom

She says, "what the hell did you do that for? "

He washes his dirty hands in the sink

And things around the table are kind of rough

Mom says its pa

Pa says, "the times are just tough"

And me and sally dont say much of nothing at all

The garage door light brightens up the night

Pa always works on cars when he gets in a fight

As though he could figure out that woman by working on that

Old car

He said a car can cure any problem at all

Cause of looking at all them parts makes a fight look so small

But I wish hed just put me and sally in the backseat and

Drive us away

Thats when he sits me down

He says hes gonna teach me about life

He said, "a man needs a car and a boy needs a bike"

I got my first taste of freedom beneath the light of the moon

But if it were me

Id have the guts to put to test those bolts and nuts

And Id ride away so fast, so far

Ride away... so fast, so far

Put away our tools

We go back inside

Mom feels left out and now shes starting to cry

I wonder if all girls are crazy this way

I wish pops would just get a spine

I said I know its kind of small but you can borrow mine

He just smiled and said, "your mom means well son"

Most times are good its just some that are lean

But its love that makes up for those times in beteween

He got a tear in his eye as he took mammas hand

Said one day Id understand

But if it were me

Id have the guts to put to test those bolts and nuts

And Id ride away so far, so fast

Ride away so fast so far

Ride away

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