Jewel - Do You

Текст песни Jewel - Do You

Do You
Hey you say, you like the way
The cowboys tip their hats and say
How's it going man?
But you're never quite clear
If their glares are sincere
Or really only just second hand
To you it's all roses
It's a lavender haze
The man is a marvel
It's a shame about his brains
That's okay you say
He's got straight teeth
And it's good sex
You look to the sky
You look to the man
You claim innocence
And not to understand
Do you, do you
There's a big man
Wearing a white suit
And patten leather shoes
He wants to take his monkeys
To see the kids at the zoo
Cause the gypsy on the corner said
Hey mister you can't lose
And it's the first day at the track
You feel that heat on your back
We all want to find a way to beat the system
Find some rhythm in the madness
Get down on your knees and pray
Say whatever you want, God

Just let me have my way
Well will you, will you
Come on all you merry men
Rally your cry
Dance with the devil
For tomorrow will surely, hey, hey
Blow the men down
You with all your cigarettes and cool stares
Filled with blank glares
And loaded regrets
Just like the girls today
With nothing to say
No more pigtails on pony rides
They're sophisticated
They sip on lattes
And have their eyes
On a bigger prize
We shake our fists and say
Well Good Golly we're mad
The God that kills children
With our very own hands
And claim innocence
And not to understand
Do we, do we
Come on all you merry men
Rally your cry
Dance with the devil
For tomorrow will surely, hey, hey
Blow the men down
We'll blow the men down

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