Jewel - Fade Away

Текст песни Jewel - Fade Away

Its k-mart, the bathroom

Im staring in the mirror

The green lights are bright

It makes the lines clearer

Heard the angel go

Cigarette smokes all thats left

Ive traded in my wings for a string of pearls

And now the string is all Ive left

The light bulbs burn

Some ones in the stall

Big white

Brick wall

Makes me feel small

And I take my shirt off

Looking for a glimpse of flesh

I peel back the concrete

Hope theres still some soil left

Cuz I am fading

I am fading

I am fading away

I am fading

Just like fairy tales

Hero loses faith

I am fading

The air smells like urin

Getting all

I could walk out that door

But no one really ever leaves

I take all my clothing off

Trying not to forget

Stupid things like

The color of urin

And the smell of stone when its wet

And I am naked in the mirror

With a feather in my hand

The lady comes out of the bathroom

Screaming, "oh, jesus!"

Like I was a man

And I ask her

"hey, what happens to us

When we get old and in the way? "

I guess she answered ? ? ?

Took me away

And I am fading

I am fading

I am fading away

I am fading

Just like fairy tales

Heros loses faith

And I do not know

Why or when

I guess that spring is just a leave me ? ?

And I am fading

Im fading

Transcribed by leave the shadows dancing

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