Jewel - Food Stamp Love

Текст песни Jewel - Food Stamp Love

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah yeah yeah woh woih woh yeah

(so called cheesy intro vocals)

Im outside your window

Talking through glass

You throw out some love crumbs

But Ive got an appetite bigger than that

Im hungry for something...yeah yeah yeah

That I cant afford

You dole out your love like foodstamps

Well I want something more

Sick of your foodstamp love

Sick of your foodstamp love

Sick of your foodstamp love

You hand me some paper...yeah yeah yeah

Show me where to sign

If Im lucky I will get your number

Oh goody I think this is a real good time

After you ask me some questions

Do I qualify?

Well I dont want your handouts anyway

Cause boring stuff is all I can buy

Sick of your foodstamp love

Sick of your foodstamp love

Sick of your foodstamp love

[guitar solo]

I run to my mailbox

Hoping that its there

Some sort of message telling

Me that you really care

But all there is is junk mail

Theres a sale down at the mall

Theres some coupons for *canned love baby (? )

But theres nothing from you at all

Sick of your foodstamp love (x6, with guitar work behind)

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