Jewel - Marital Carnival

Текст песни Jewel - Marital Carnival

You come home, you look kind of frantic

Too bad cause I feel romantic

I know youre stressed out again

Tonight - I guess - that were just friends again

You know Im really not the type to compete

I hope your meetings were filled with lots of good meet

And your appointments have lots of good ointments

? ? ? what you could never could satisfy

*** chorus ***

Cause I dont carry you like I did a minute ago

I tried to love you but it was just too stressful

Its like leavin your boots on when you go swimming

But I never will fight for what doesnt want to win

You wake up - Im doing cartwheels

Youre grumpy

Said, "try some how I feel"

"im happy" just wasnt no fun

Its hard enough just waking up next to one

You know if you were oatmeal - youd just look for lumps

If you were sweet Id call you sugarbumps

If you were the sunshine youd say I was

Well I am tired of this capricious game

*** chorus

A marital carnival

A marital carnival

A marital carnival


I want to get off...

Sweetheart, Im gonna find myself a ride

One that doesnt bring me down this time

One that isnt always on the run

One that can have good old fashioned fun

Cause you know my purpose in life is nothing more

Is then to simply be a dork

Im just like a special chocolate treat

I aint no piece of leftover hot dogs...

*** chorus ***

I never will fight for


I never will fight for


I never will fight for what doesnt want to win (winning)

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