Jewel - Nicotine Love

Текст песни Jewel - Nicotine Love

Go ahead touch me like that

The way you pull my hair back

Go ahead breathe me in

Bite me til I bleed

This love is like barbed wire running through my veins

Nicotine love

Go ahead hurt me like that

Ive been hurt before

I wont be fixed again

Im not afraid to sweat

Cause I like the pain and its familiar to me

And more gentle than most men will ever be

Nicotine love

*but dont get me wrong

I dont want a friend

Just need you here to help me satsify this childish sin

This insatiable desire, this hunger so deep

You will melt on my tongue

And I will put you to sleep

And I will press you like petals

Til youre fragile and bent

And Ill rid you of...

Nicotine love

It hurts just right

Not to know your name

But feel that body beneath me

Struggling as though it was somehow sane

As when I was with him

Gonna make you promise to me

Than I will crush your heart

Cause I cant

Because it happened to me

Nicotine love

So come here baby

My honey, cutie-pie

Let my fingers swim like pale fish through your hair

So I can tell you that I love you

Your safe, never let me go

You wonder why it Im here

With patience, soon itll be all too clear

Nicotine love

*but dont get me wrong...

So go ahead touch me like that

The end is drawing near

Go ahead hurt me that way

You dont even know enough to fear

You dont know how true it is when you say

My kisses are sweet as death

But soon youll have no more options

Its all you have left

Love is like barbed wire

Im electric and so alone

So come here stray cat

Im gonna take you home

Im gonna press you like petals

Til youre fragile and bent

And ill...

Well ill...

Nicotine love

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