Jewel - See Sassy

Текст песни Jewel - See Sassy

See sassy wake up shes ? ? ? ? ?

Thinks/things you tell by the ring on her finger

Cant you tell by her fifty dollar shoes

That shes confusing love with the people she uses

But dont worry about nothing, nothing at all

Its just a temporary conscience?

Even springs? got to fall

See sassy shes a little girl

She looks so ? ? ? she looks so weak?

Papa says that shes too cute for words

So sassy never learned how to scream

But dont worry bout nothing, doll, nothin at all

Its just a temporary conscience

And even springs(? ) got the fall

Hush you baby dont you cry

Papas gonna feed you some good advice

Hush you baby dont miss this(? )

Papas gonna buy you a pretty dress

As though that could mend your heart

As though it could keep you from being torn apart

As though it were your destiny

To face every man you meet

On your knees

See sassy wake up on the other side

Stares at a/her wedding dress and starts to cry

Shes got big eyes but they dont see too clear

Otherwise she never would have ended up here

But dont worry about nothing doll nothing at all

Its just a temporary conscience

And even saints/streets/straights got to fall.

Yeah yeah

See sassy wake up shes a lover?

See sassy wake up shes alone?

See sassy wake up shes alone

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