Jewel - She Cries

Текст песни Jewel - She Cries

Time passes quickly for our lady of the hour

She brushes her long blonde hair

From her face only to find a tear

But she dont know why shes been crying

She looks inside herself

To maybe find an answer

But shes willingly distracted

By the man who likes her glitter

She says, "fool, I aint gold."

She dont even know she cries cuz shes so tangled up in lies

In her head she plays a game

Pretending that shes not the same lady who is cheating on her husband

With a man she hardly even knows

She says, "ignorance is bliss."

But when he asks her name

She must fumble for an answer

Shes been called so many

But now she cant remember

So she just makes up another

And she dont even know she cries cuz shes so tangled up in lies

Now the dirty deed is done

She heads into the bathroom

She washes her hands in the sink

And thinks it could clean her conscience

If only she could find one

And slowly she turns and heads

For the door as if this were all a dream

She has seen her sweet husbands face

But only like a fleeting glimse

Of all those bridges shes been burning

All those bridges shes been burning

And she dont even know she cries

It should come as no surprise

Cuz shes so tangled up in lies

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