Jewel - Silver Lining

Текст песни Jewel - Silver Lining

My muffins are in the toaster

I got my raspberry jam

My grandfather was a sailor

That came onto this land

And he was looking for gold,

A pretty hand to hold,

Or some cards to fold.

At least, thats what I was told.

Silver lining

Silver lining, whered you go?

Turn on my tv

They got talking heads in space

Used to be so easy

To have a little faith

I used to rely on luck

I didnt feel so stuck

Could earn an honest buck

Without lookin round, like jon kruk.

Silver lining

Silver lining, whered you go?

I used to have hope

Now we got soap on a rope

I used to have dreams

Now we got overplayed baseball teams

We got grocery baggers, grafitti taggers,

Golf-ball shaggers, go team go.

Silver lining

Silver lining, whered you go?

My landlord knocks upon my door

Hes got that payday face

I swear to God he should be payin me

To live inside this place

Its filled with sharks and fins

Whose double chins say

Thicken your skin, child

If you want to win

Silver lining

Silver lining, whered you go?

I fix myself some herbal tea

Cause its healthier they say

Well, healthier aint half as fun

I take a cold beer anyday

I used to have dysfunctional fun

In the cancerous sun

With my co-dependent hon

Eatin greasy greasy hotdogs on a buttered up bun

Silver lining

Silver lining, whered you go?

Silver lining

Silver lining, whered you go?

[scat solo]

Repeat refrain. (x2)

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