Jewel - Walk Away

Текст песни Jewel - Walk Away

Dont say I love you, I wont say that I care

Ill pretend I never kissed you, or held you, or worshipped you

I swear

Ill live in denial for as long as I live

Cuz *what I need baby, this love just cant give

We have to walk away

We have to walk away

Ill try not to sing, youll try not to talk with those lips

Well forget all the sweet memories, and now well just go with what


Cuz this love aint loving, and I dont know why

But anything that stands so still cant be alive

We have to walk away

We have to walk away


But there were times our love was, so sweet

And its *memory that makes me want to make it last

But you cant make love work, anymore than you can make it leave

And its then you gotta leave it yourself


Cuz when love aint loving but still aint leaving

Its then you gotta leave it yourself

Now jealousy can ride your heart like a sick kind of pony

And envys just the same

And your loneliness can consume you no matter how much love you had

And when it all boils down, baby, theres no other way

And I *care much more than to make you stay

We have to walk away

We have to walk away

So at night, when darkness fills me,

Ill pretend you never spoke my name

When Im sitting home that lonely,

Ill pretend youre home and lonely, oh just the same

And Ill pretend this sorrow, this sorrow will pass

And Ill try to pretend that this loneliness wont last

And that Ill walk away

Yeah, yeah, yeah





So dont say

So dont say I love you

I wont say that I care

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