J.Lo - I Am Gona Be Alright

Текст песни J.Lo - I Am Gona Be Alright

It's funny cause for a while

I walked around with a smile but

Deep inside I could hear voices telling me this ain't right

Don't you know it's not for you

I always knew what I had to do

But it's hard to get away

Because I love you I just tried to stay

1 - I used to say I couldn't do it, but I did it

After telling everybody that I wasn't with it

Though it brings tears to my eyes, I can feel it

And I know inside I'm gonna be alright

Repeat 1

Friends of mine say to me

They say you got control over me

You're not alone, I played a part

I saw the way you were from the start

Could I expect so much from you

You had a girl when I first met you

Did the best that you could do

Now I realize I can't change you

Repeat 1 (2x)

Said I wouldn't walk away

Somedays I want to stay

But leaving you is what I need to do to be okay

Never thought it would be true

Me livin' without you

But now it's time for me to make a move

Repeat 1 till end

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