Joan Osborne - The Weight

The WeightJoan Osborne5:16

Текст песни Joan Osborne - The Weight

Pulled into Nazareth, feeling 'bout half past dead
Just need a place where I can lay my head
Hey mister can you tell me where a girl might find a bed?
He just grinned, shook my hand, 'no' was all he said

Take a load off Fanny
Take a load for free
Take a load off Fanny
and put the load right on me

I picked up my bag, I went lookin' for a place to hide
When I saw Carmen and the Devil walkin' side by side
I said, 'Hey, Carmen, come on, let's go downtown'
She said, 'I gotta go, but m'friend can stick around'


Go down, Miss Moses, there's nothin' you can say

It's just ol' Luke, and Luke's waitin' on the Judgement Day
'Well, Luke, my friend, what about young Anna Lee?'
He said, 'Do me a favor, son, woncha stay an' keep Anna Lee company?'


Crazy Chester followed me, and he caught me in the fog
He said, 'I will fix your rack, if you'll take Jack, my dog'
I said, 'Wait a minute, Chester, you know I'm a peaceful man'
He said, 'That's okay, boy, won't you feed him when you can'


Catch a cannon ball now, t'take me down the line
My bag is sinkin' low and I do believe it's time
To get back to Miss Fanny, you know she's the only one
Who sent me here with her regards for everyone

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