Joe - Chameleon

Текст песни Joe - Chameleon

[VERSE 1:]
I can't figure you out to save myself
It would help if you would talk to me (baby talk to me)
You keep switchin' it up girl, I can tell
You ain't sure just where you wanna be, yeah
One minute it's like we're so inseparable (so inseparable)
The next second it's like you ain't feelin' this no more (no)
I know you wanna be close but ya scared so you push away
Just tell me which side of you I'm getting today, oh yeah

Chameleon, I see your true colors
You can hide but the truth don't lie
You don't wanna get hurt this time
You're just like a....
Chameleon, I see your true colors
Everyday is a new disguise
Wanna get to know the one inside

[VERSE 2:]
Now I ain't tryin' to start no argument

(No baby, no baby, no baby)
I'm just sayin' that I don't understand
Girl the closer I get to knowin' you
I realize the further away I really am, oh
One minute it's like we're floating on a cloud (floating)
The next second, I swear it's like the rain is pouring down
Whenever we get close, you get scared and push away
Just tell me which side of you I'm getting today


[VERSE 3:]
Sometimes you wanna hide away
When it all seems too much (too much)
But runnin' doesn't take away the pain
I know that it's a lot to ask but this is serious
Just promise me your heart will never change

[CHORUS: x2]

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