Joe - Changed Man

Текст песни Joe - Changed Man

Can I talk to you


I know that I cause you some pain

And baby I know its a shame

The games, the strain

Love- girl all you had for me was love

And I ran your love in a muck

No hugs and what, what, what

What was I thinking

It hit me like a flash a light

I realize you are my life

And I really love you (I love you)

Yes I do, yes I do

Ive changed like an 80s fade to the corn-rows

To the white-house from death-row

Projects to holly-wood

Ive been to atlantis, from bad to good

Ive changed like a poor excuse to a true friend

Im a brand new start from a dead end

Like a guilty man turned innocent

Baby Ive changed

Life- Im willing to lay down my life

Baby wont you be my wife

Except this ring tonight

Now I was a blind man who spent his whole life

In the dark no trees, no bees, no central-park

And I realize you are my life

Youre the perfect work of art lady

It hit me like a flash of light

I realize you are my life

And I really love you (I love you)

Yes I do, yes I do

The thought of losing you has caused

My transformation my rehabilitation, dedication, inspiration

Girl Im brand new

Listen clearly baby

Im willing to show you the little things I meant to do

Before I never took the time to do

(I wanna love you)

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