Joe - I Like Sexy Girl

Текст песни Joe - I Like Sexy Girl


Girl Im a different brand

Im not the average man

I can show you things youve never seen

Im making plans to fly to the south france

I got ticket in my hand

So baby lets just up and leave


Im that romantic type

Who likes do things right

Make love by candle-light

cause Im that kind of guy


I like sexy girls

From east to west-coast

She could be ghetto or be a supermodel

I like sexy girls

All kind of women

I got so many

And thats just how Im living

I like the way she move her hips

Run her tongue across her lips

Sippin wine instead of cris so, so sexy

Think about her jeans

Victoria secret thongs

Surely get me sprung

Love the way they look on you

We could chill down at the sunset grill

Or get lost out in brazil

Lets do whateva suits your mood

(1) (2)

I like the way you shake your thing

Ooh you make me wanna scream out oooooooohh

So sexy so sexy

Looks so good inside your clothes

You dont need your skin exposed

And still

Youre sexy so sexy

(1) repeates and fades out

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